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Don't mistake smørrebrød for a plain sandwich, because it isn't

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Danes take smørrebrød seriously and so should you. This is not just a sandwich that you can put in a lunchbox and eat whenever you need a snack, it's an independent dish that is eaten with a knife and a fork and is served everywhere from a pub to a Michelin-starred restaurant. In fact, there's a whole etiquette of eating these sandwiches. Some of the rules include eating fish first (starting with herring), then meat, and cheese at the end.

Smørrebrød consists of a thin piece of dense rye bread covered with a layer of butter. On the top of it, almost anything can be put: pickled herring or fried fish, bacon or shrimps, eggs, cheese, vegetables, fruits or whatever you like most. Smørrebrød is an open sandwich that's usually beautifully arranged, with texture and taste.

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