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Cross-Country Skiing in Estonia

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Cross-Country Skiing
Cross-Country Skiing

Cross-country skiing is one of the most popular sports since Estonia's first ski competition in 1921, right after the World War I. Nowadays Tartu Ski Marathon, established in 1960, continues to follow this tradition. It attracts professional and amateur cross-country skiers from all over the world. The natural beauty of Estonia and its flat landscape is ideal for this winter sport.

You can try various types of landscapes: the coastal trails, forest passages, and lake and river trails. Such a relaxing and enjoyable way to spend winter days is common in Tallinn, where Pirita and Nõmme are the most popular locations. They are both well prepared, with professional standard tracks, hills, and rental places. Near Otepää you can find Kääriku, a very popular place for winter sports thanks to lots of snow, beautiful hills, and frozen lakes.

Practical info

When is the best time to go cross-country skiing in Estonia?

Cross-country skiing in Estonia is best from January to March due to the beautiful snowy landscapes. There is a significant ski marathon event in February which attracts many skiers from across the world to Estonia. During this time, trails are well prepared, and snowfall has reached its peak. Show more

Where are the best locations for cross-country skiing in Estonia?

Estonia offers cross-country skiing trails suitable for all experience levels. Skiers can explore Pirita and Nõmme located in Tallinn, preferred for their quality trails and professional facilities. Kääriku, situated close to Otepää, offers hills, frozen lakes, and snow, making it the perfect location for skiers. Estonia also offers various trails through forests, rivers, and lakes. Show more

What kind of equipment do I need for cross-country skiing in Estonia?

If you are going cross-country skiing in Estonia, it is recommended that you have the appropriate equipment such as poles, boots, skis, and warm clothing, including windproof jackets and trousers. Various rental shops in Otepää and Tallinn provide equipment that you can rent comfortably. Show more

How difficult are the cross-country ski trails in Estonia?

Estonia's well-prepared cross-country skiing trails are perfect for both experienced and novice skiers. The trails are spread across various locations, ranked according to difficulty levels, thus everyone can find a track related to their skill level. Skiers also receive advice and assistance from instructors present at ski resorts. Show more

What other winter sports can I try besides cross-country skiing in Estonia?

Estonia offers numerous winter sports besides cross-country skiing, such as snowshoeing, ice-fishing, dog sledding, and ice-skating. Pärnu Bay has an outdoor ice rink, suitable for ice-skating while Peipus and Võrtsjärv Lakes offer ice-fishing. Forest trails, frozen lakes, and snowy fields make dog-sledding exciting. Snowshoeing is a perfect way to enjoy Estonia's winter scenery. Show more

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