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Skiing and Snowboarding

Even though Estonia doesn't have the highest mountains you can still enjoy some active winter sports here


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Since Estonia is rather flat, it's an ideal destination for beginners and intermediates. Skiing in Estonia is very safe. The main ski resorts in Otepää and Võrumaa offer well lit ski tracks till the late hours. Otepää in the South is the ski capital of Estonia. There are plenty of child-friendly slopes and facilities. Kuutsemäe offers various levels of difficulty. Runs range from 214 meters to 514 meters in length. Väike-Munamägi has the longest run at 450m. Kütiorg, which lies on the edge of Haanja Nature Park in Võrumaa, has 5 lit slopes appropriate for everyone. Ansomägi, only 1 km from Otepää, also has 5 lit slopes of different difficulty levels.

Skiing and Snowboarding in Estonia - Best Season 2020

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