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Skiing and Snowboarding in Estonia

Even though Estonia doesn't have the highest mountains you can still enjoy some active winter sports here

Best time: January–March

Skiing and Snowboarding
Skiing and Snowboarding

Since Estonia is rather flat, it's an ideal destination for beginners and intermediates. Skiing in Estonia is very safe. The main ski resorts in Otepää and Võrumaa offer well lit ski tracks till the late hours. Otepää in the South is the ski capital of Estonia. There are plenty of child-friendly slopes and facilities. Kuutsemäe offers various levels of difficulty. Runs range from 214 meters to 514 meters in length. Väike-Munamägi has the longest run at 450m. Kütiorg, which lies on the edge of Haanja Nature Park in Võrumaa, has 5 lit slopes appropriate for everyone. Ansomägi, only 1 km from Otepää, also has 5 lit slopes of different difficulty levels.

Practical info

When is the most suitable period to indulge in skiing activities in Estonia?

January to March is the ideal period to go skiing in Estonia since it's when the snow is at its highest. The ski resorts are operational during this time, with well-lit ski tracks that remain open till late hours. The winter temperature ranges between -3°C and -7°C, which is quite favorable for individuals interested in skiing or snowboarding activities. Show more

Which places in Estonia are considered the popular spots for skiing?

Otepää and Võrumaa are the popular destinations for skiing enthusiasts visiting Estonia. Otepää, a South Estonian town, is famous for being the country's ski capital, while Kuutsemäe, Väike-Munamägi, and Ansomägi are other well-known resorts. Kütiorg, located at Võrumaa's Haanja Nature Park, offers well-lit ski tracks that cater to all levels of skiers, whether beginners or experts. Show more

What factors make Estonia an excellent choice for beginner to intermediate skiers?

Estonia is an ideal destination for beginner and intermediate skiers because of its flat terrain. As a result, the ski resorts in this country offer a safe, controlled environment suitable for different skill levels. Otepää and Võrumaa have different slopes and facilities, from beginner-friendly courses to more advanced runs for the more experienced skiers. This diversity in terrain allows visitors to improve their skiing prowess before taking up more challenging courses. Show more

Does Otepää have any facilities suited for kids or newbie skiers?

Yes, Otepää has several child-friendly facilities and slopes that cater to young visitors and newbie skiers. The town offers different well-lit ski tracks, including those suitable for children and beginner-level skiers. Therefore, if you're planning a family trip to Estonia and would love to ski or snowboard, Otepää is the best spot for a memorable skiing experience with the kids. Show more

What are the variety of difficulty levels of the runs offered by Kuutsemäe?

Kuutsemäe has a wide range of runs with varying difficulty levels, ranging from 214m to 514m in length. The resort boasts of eight slopes, including two beginner tracks, three for average skiers, and three for the more advanced ones. The runs have varied technicalities that challenge skiers and help guests improve their skills and confidence. Additionally, skiing lessons and gear rentals are available for visitors of all skill levels to ensure maximum enjoyment. Show more

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