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Helsinki Sauna Day 2019

Check out the unique possibility to visit some of the best private saunas in the city absolutely free of charge!

Helsinki Sauna Day in Finland 2019 - Best Time
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© Harri Tarvainen | Visit Finland

Every year in Helsinki people celebrate Sauna Day. During this day everyone can go to any private sauna during this event. There are lots of saunas in Helsinki that are mainly for private use.

Helsinki Sauna Day in Finland - Best Season 2020

Helsinki Sauna Day changed this fact, as friends and even strangers can enter the saunas of local residents or companies. Individuals as well as whole organizations and companies are welcome to register on the special site and take part in this event. On this day all sauna treatment is offered for free. Come, choose the sauna you'd like to visit, and enjoy.

Best time for Helsinki Sauna Day in Finland 2020