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Red Rock Falls in Glacier National Park, MT

An ideal destination to stop by and cool off on a hot summer day

Red Rock Falls
Red Rock Falls
Red Rock Falls

This waterfall is like no other in the Glacier National Park. Red-colored rocks to climb, rest and have lunch on are fantastic. The cascade of white foaming water is a magnet for photographers. It is impossible to take a bad shot when surrounded by such beauty. Spending more time hiking in the area is an excellent idea.

The Red Rock Falls Trail

The most famous route near Red Rock Falls is used from March until October. But during the summer, you are guaranteed to catch the best weather. The starting point of the trail is Swiftcurrent Trailhead. From there, it stretches for 3.6 miles (5.7 km) and captures two lakes at once: Fishercap Lake and Red Rock Lake.

This is a simple, mostly flat hike that will suit both adults and children. On the way to Fishercap Lake, if you are lucky, you may encounter moose feeding their cubs. The area, just like the whole Glacier National Park, is home to many wild animals, including grizzly bears which are regularly spotted around the trail. So it's essential to follow all the park's rules and restrictions. Finally, as a reward for the hike, the trail ends near cool and refreshing Red Rock Lake and later Falls.

Practical info

What is the optimal time for visiting Red Rock Falls, and what is the experience like during this season?

The months from March to October make for the best time to visit Red Rock Falls, as this is the peak season of the Glacier National Park. During this time, visitors can enjoy the park's beautiful scenery while hiking its trails. The weather is pleasantly warm and sunny, which augments the experience. Red Rock Falls is a perfect destination for those who want to escape into nature and relish in Montana's natural beauty. Show more

Where can I find Red Rock Falls within Glacier National Park?

Located near the northern region of Montana, adjacent to the Canadian border, Glacier National Park is home to Red Rock Falls. It is situated three-and-a-half miles from the Swiftcurrent trailhead on the Swiftcurrent hiking trail, which is one among the many trails that run through the park. The stunning location is spread over 700 miles of trails that rest on the Alberta and British Columbia borders, making it a must-visit for nature enthusiasts. Show more

On the Red Rock Falls Trail, is it common to encounter wildlife, and is it safe?

While hiking the Red Rock Falls trail in Glacier National Park, visitors may come across various wildlife such as grizzly bears, moose and other wild animals. While observing the wildlife is an excellent opportunity for visitors, it is important to ensure a reasonable gap and avoid approaching the animals. For safety, the National Park Service suggests carrying bear spray, as well as hiking bells or whistles to alert the animals to your presence and prevent any undesired confrontations. Show more

Apart from hiking the Red Rock Falls trail, what are some other engaging activities visitors can do in Glacier National Park?

In addition to hiking on the Red Rock Falls trail, visitors can indulge in various activities near the falls, including exploring swift current pass trailhead, Granite Park Chalet, and Highline Trail. Fishing, camping, taking guided tours and engaging in adventure activities such as white-water rafting and horse-back riding are some other activities to participate in. Furthermore, there are various designated picnic areas to enjoy a meal and to relax amidst nature's breathtaking scenery while absorbing nature's beauty in Glacier National Park. Show more

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