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Cherry Blossom in Hong Kong

Taiwanese and Japanese cherry varieties thrive in Hong Kong

Best time: late February–April

Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom

The arrival of spring also means the beginning of the cherry blossom craze in Asia. You don't have to fly to Japan to see these beautiful trees dressed up in pink. Hong Kong has plenty of spots that boast beautiful blooms from late February until April.

Quarry Bay Promenade is one of the most romantic places in Hong Kong during spring. Cherry blossoms plus waterfront views equal a perfect Instagram post or a picnic location. The promenade also looks gorgeous during the nighttime with trees illuminated by lights.

The Velodrome Park boasts 11 cherry trees, mostly Taiwan cherry. Artificial lakes, an impressive velodrome, and a large lawn are the biggest attractions of the park. There is also a skatepark and a climbing wall for those who prefer active leisure.

Tai Po Waterfront Park is another scenic location with plenty of Taiwan cherry, Fuji cherry, and Yoshino cherry varieties. This 54 ac (22 ha) park is one of the largest in the city. Its lookout tower suits perfectly for panoramic shots. The park also has beautiful palm trees and springtime flowers. You can see more blossoming cherry trees at Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden near the Tai Po Park.

Cheung Chau Kwan Kung Pavilion, located on the island of Cheung Chau, features quite a few cherry trees. It is also one of the most beautiful places in Hong Kong.

To explore the city gardens further, climb up the scenic Ngong Ping hill, located on the western part of Lantau Island. 400 cherries were planted in 2018, which makes it the newest cherry blossom attraction in Hong Kong.

Practical info

What is the prime time of cherry blossom season in Hong Kong?

The cherry blossom season in Hong Kong is usually from late February to April, which is considered the prime season when cherry trees are in full bloom. It is essential to keep up-to-date with the latest news on blooming conditions as the timing of the cherry blossom season can vary each year depending on the weather and other conditions. Show more

Could you suggest any other locations in Hong Kong where I can see cherry blossoms besides Quarry Bay Promenade?

Aside from Quarry Bay Promenade, other locations where tourists can catch a glimpse of the cherry blossom season are Velodrome Park, Tai Po Waterfront Park, Cheung Chau Kwan Kung Pavilion, and Ngong Ping Hill. Each location is unique, offering a different experience, views, and attractions to the visitors. Show more

What are the different varieties of cherry blossoms that Hong Kong can offer?

Hong Kong is home to a variety of cherry blossoms, including Taiwanese and Japanese cherry varieties. Velodrome Park primarily features Taiwan cherry trees, while Tai Po Waterfront Park and Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden offer different and more unique cherry varieties such as Yoshino cherry and Fuji cherry, respectively. Ngong Ping Hill, on the other hand, has over 400 cherry trees that were planted in 2018, making it the newest attraction in Hong Kong's cherry blossom scene. Show more

What other amenities are available at Tai Po Waterfront Park?

Aside from cherry blossoms, Tai Po Waterfront Park has many other amenities to offer its visitors. This 54-acre park has beautiful artificial lakes, lookout towers, palm trees, and spring flowers to explore, among other attractions. For more active visitors, Tai Po Waterfront Park also has a skatepark and a climbing wall. It is said to be an excellent place to relax, picnic, and spend the day while enjoying the gorgeous scenery. Show more

Can you elaborate on how many cherry trees are on Ngong Ping Hill and when they were planted?

Ngong Ping Hill has over 400 cherry trees that were planted in 2018, making it the newest cherry blossom attraction in Hong Kong. With the cherry trees spaced out and set against a mountainous backdrop, visitors can enjoy a breathtaking sight. Alongside cherry blossoms viewing, tourists can explore the famous Tian Tan Buddha and the world-renowned Po Lin Monastery, among other attractions that Ngong Ping Hill has to offer. Show more

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