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Trekking in the Himalayas

Find the most stunning sceneries and enjoy the unique culture of the terrain

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India is the mother to the world's highest mountains and home to the deepest gorges and tracts of forest. That's what makes the Himalayan region vast and incredibly dynamic.

Many people assume trekking there is a challenging sport. Some even call it playing with the devil. However, if you are used to trekking and cautious about ascending, you will probably enjoy the challenge.

The best time for exploring the foothills of the Himalayas runs from March to November. June and September can be your favorite time here because of the heat, clear sky, and beautifully green all around. This period is best for trekking in Pin-valley and Bhaba valley. Just remember that, due to monsoons, it can be wet in the green part of the Himalayas from the end of July and during August. Ladakh and Spiti are fine as it isn't that rainy in the desert. You can also explore Sangla, Kalpa, and Chitkuls by road between October and November.

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