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Queen Bee Montana Marathon 2023

A flat and scenic course through the Big Sky Country

The Queen Bee Montana Marathon is held in the prairies of Montana. A flat and fast race is a Boston qualifier and the course is USATF-certified. The route offers excellent views of the Big Sky country and a bonus—the 1,000-foot decline in elevation over the final 16 miles.

The marathon starts in the community of Molt, over 20 miles west of Billings, and finishes at Pioneer Park in Billings. Runners will cross open prairies and urban areas of Billings. At the start, there will be some rolling hills for about 16 km (10 mi), but during the second half of the race runners can enjoy a slight descent all the way to the finish line. The whole way is a paved road, mostly winding eastwards from Molt to Billings with a balanced mix of wild nature and residential areas. There is a minor out-and-back diversion on Buffalo Trail with impressive morning views. Right before the half-way mark, runners enjoy a downhill run to Echo Canyon.

Every year, the Montana Marathon attracts about 16,000 participants, who represent more than 30 states. The Montana Marathon offers a classical 26 miles (42 km) distance, half marathon, relay, 10K and Kids' Run. The race dates back to the 1980s. If you are tired of the crowded races like Chicago or New York Marathon and feel more like listening to your breath and heart while crossing mile after mile through the nature of Montana, then this race is a great choice.

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