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Arthur’s Pass in New Zealand 2024-2025

Alpine beauty elates the hikers of the Arthur's Pass

Best time: December–February

Arthur’s Pass
Arthur’s Pass
Arthur’s Pass
Arthur’s Pass
Arthur’s Pass

The highest alpine track, running 900 meters high through the Southern Alps​ in the Southern Island, connects Canterbury with the West Coast. It strikes its visitors with stunning views on numerous river beds, green valleys, rock shelters, viaducts, waterfalls, bridges, and railways crossing the mountains. The Otira Bridge and Castle Hill are considered the highlights of the route. The path is available throughout the year, but the best season to set off and enjoy the picturesque landscapes is warm summertime. Alpine winters tend to be extremely cold and with the risk of avalanches, whereas spring and autumn are dangerous due to snow meltings. Other summer benefits include dense alpine vegetation and nice birdwatching opportunities, in particular, inquisitive kea parrots.

Practical info

When should visitors plan a trip to Arthur's Pass?

The perfect time to visit Arthur's Pass is during the summer months of December through February. Visiting during this time allows for warmer weather and reduces the risk of avalanches caused by winter weather conditions. Visitors can experience beautiful alpine settings, abundant birdlife, dense alpine forests, and stunning scenery throughout their trip. Show more

What is the destination of the highest track in Arthur's Pass?

With a height of around 900 meters, the highest track in Arthur's Pass is set across the Southern Alps in the Southern Island of New Zealand. The route offers breathtaking views of rivers, green valleys, rock shelters, viaducts, waterfalls, and other stunning sights. The Otira Bridge and the Castle Hill are among the highlights of the trail and connect the Canterbury region with the West Coast of the island. Show more

What delights can visitors expect from Arthur's Pass track?

Arthur's Pass track has always been famous for its incredible views of the Southern Alps in New Zealand, including stunning rivers, green valleys, rock shelters, viaducts, waterfalls, bridges, and railways crossing the mountains. The Otira Bridge and Castle Hill are absolute highlights of the route. Visitors will enjoy the lush and dense alpine vegetation in addition to the chance of watching the inquisitive kea parrots in their natural habitat during summer. Show more

When should visitors avoid visiting Arthur's Pass?

Visitors must avoid visiting Arthur's Pass during winter and spring as these seasons come with their risks. Winter seasons are known for being extremely cold with high avalanche risks, which can block roads leading to and from Arthur's Pass. Spring season is equally dangerous due to snowmelt, which causes flooding and increases the risk of landslides. Hence, it's best for visitors to keep away from Arthur's Pass track during these periods. Show more

What makes the kea parrots in Arthur's Pass unique?

Arthur's Pass in New Zealand boasts of a profuse population of inquisitive kea parrots, which are exclusively found only in the Southern Alps. These parrots have distinctive features, including intelligence, curiosity, and mischievous behaviors, which are known to steal visitors' belongings. Bloggers and tourists can experience these remarkable creatures in their natural habitat during summer but must note that visitors shouldn't feed or interact with them to keep the natural ecosystem balance in check. Show more

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