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Feijoa in New Zealand 2024

The juicy seeds-filled feijoa flesh is excellent when raw, but also good in puddings, pies and jams

Best time: March–June


Exotic feijoas are distinguished by a specific long-lasting tropical aroma that resembles pineapple and guava. Not surprising the fruit is named Pineapple Guava or Guavasteen. Feijoa has an oval shape, green rind and thick juicy flesh of light yellow or white color nested with nearly 30 seeds. The fruit is normally cut into two halves and the inside is eaten with a spoon. Although the peel cannot be consumed raw, it is often added to teas owing to its intense tropical flavor. Besides, feijoas are cooked and baked and make for delicious puddings, pies and jams. Needless to say about feijoa juice. In New Zealand, feijoas ripen during autumn, that is from March through May or June.