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Cross-Country Skiing in Oslo

There are more than 2,600 km of cross-country ski trails around Oslo

Best time: December–March

Cross-Country Skiing
Cross-Country Skiing
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A perfect way to explore the forests of Oslo and advance your skiing skills is to take up the cross-country skiing and check out the five awesome routes available in the Oslo surroundings.

Practical info

Where can one go cross-country skiing in Oslo?

There are more than 2,600 km of ski tracks in and around the city, including Holmenkollen, Sognsvann Lake, Nordmarka, Lillomarka, and Maridalen. Several tracks are specifically designed for beginners. Holmenkollen's Oslo Ski Association track and the Nike Arena are perfect for those learning to ski. Show more

When is the ideal period to cross-country ski in Oslo?

Cross-country skiing is best done in Oslo between December and March. Snow coverage usually suffices during those months, and most major ski tracks are open around this time. Conditions for skiing are usually great since the groomed tracks are excellently maintained. Show more

What is the nature of the ski trails like in Oslo?

The ski trails surrounding Oslo are well-kept, with groomed trails and great snow conditions. Maintenance of most key ski tracks is by the Oslo Ski Association. Their responsibility means that the tracks remain in good condition throughout winter, and they regularly update the state of the tracks on popular social media platforms. Show more

Can one rent ski gear in Oslo?

Multiple places across the city, such as sports stores, ski rental shops, and ski shops offer rentals for skiing gear in Oslo. Ski rental outlets include SkiNation, Skish, and Oslo Sports. Individuals can rent skis from these shops for use out in the trails or on indoor slopes. Show more

Are cross-country skiing courses and guides available for novices in Oslo?

For cross-country skiers in Oslo, there are various options for attaining or refining existing skiing capabilities. The Oslo Ski School provides courses while the Norwegian Ski Academy offers coaching to skiers of all levels. and Oslo Guidebureau operate guided tours and classes around the city and serve those who are new or have prior experience in skiing. Show more

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