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Autumnal Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris 2024

This burial ground charms not only with graves of famous people but also its exceptional coziness

Best time: late September–November

Autumnal Père Lachaise Cemetery
Autumnal Père Lachaise Cemetery
Autumnal Père Lachaise Cemetery
Autumnal Père Lachaise Cemetery

Who doesn't know Honore de Balzac, Frederic Chopin, Oscar Wilde, or Jim Morrison? These living dead are buried in Pere Lachaise Cemetery in the city of Paris along with many other former, and contemporary writers, poets, composers, singers, actors, politicians, and other talented and influential historical figures. Apart from the very haunting graves, the main thing that distinguishes this cemetery from the rest is its coziness, which is especially felt during the fall months. Walking along its pretty winding, cobbled paths lined with colourful trees is somewhat soothing and appealing.

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What is the ideal time to visit Père Lachaise Cemetery and why?

Late September-November is the recommended period to visit Père Lachaise Cemetery when the autumn foliage adds to its charm. The cemetery with its winding paths and abundant foliage is inviting during these months. Visitors can enjoy a soothing walk amidst the colorful trees that line the paths. Show more

Who are some of the famous historical personalities buried in Père Lachaise Cemetery and how can their graves be located?

Père Lachaise Cemetery houses the graves of several historical figures that include Oscar Wilde, Honore de Balzac, Frederic Chopin, and Jim Morrison. Locating their graves might be challenging for first-time visitors. However, maps and exhibition guides available at the entrance, or online, can help visitors navigate the cemetery and find the grave they seek. Show more

What makes Père Lachaise Cemetery unique and different from other cemeteries in Paris?

In addition to its famous graves, Père Lachaise Cemetery is different and unique compared to other cemeteries in Paris. The cemetery features winding paths lined with colorful trees and has a cozy ambiance. The burial ground has a variety of architectural styles ranging from neo-classical, gothic to art deco styles that give it a distinct character. Show more

Why was Père Lachaise Cemetery established and when did it initially start accepting visitors?

Père Lachaise Cemetery began accepting visitors on May 21, 1804, and was created due to a surge in deaths in Paris that led to overcrowded cemeteries. The cemetery is named after Francois d'Aix de La Chaise, who provided the last sacrament to King Louis XIV on his deathbed. Show more

Where can visitors get a map or guide to find their way around Père Lachaise Cemetery and acquaint themselves with the cemetery's cultural significance?

Visitors can utilize maps and guides available at the entrance of Père Lachaise Cemetery or download a copy of the same online. These guides offer visitors valuable information, including the location of notable graves and diverse architectural styles. A thorough understanding of the cemetery's layout enables visitors to immerse themselves in the cemetery's cultural significance and gain insights into its rich history. Show more

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