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There is no such Peruvian meal with mango that you won't enjoy!


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If you think you are a pro in serving mangoes, answer this simple question "Can you make a mango hedgehog?" After mastering the skill you should plan your trip to Peru, where delicious mangoes of several sorts are harvested between November and April. Of course, raw mangoes deserve your attention in the first place, but afterwards, try to taste several Peruvian dishes with this fruit as a key ingredient.

Ceviche de mango may not be as popular as normal ceviche with seafood, but the combination of big mango slices with thin onion is remarkable. Suspiro limeño dessert can also be made from mango mousse and topped with whipped cream—leave this one for a perfect breakfast or rewarding dinner. Finally, sangria with mango syrup will taste like heaven and should be tried at least once during your trip!