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Vigan City Fiesta and Longganisa Festival 2023

Being famous for its architecture aquired during the Spanish era of colonization, Vigan, the capital of Ilocos Sur, is also renowed for its spicy meat dishes


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Vigan is a popular tourist destination because of its museums and architecture. Still, it is also known for its longganisa which is a local kind of salami. The dish is made in accordance with a century-old tradition and has a truly unique taste. Although there were several tries to replicate the combination of sliced spicy meat, sugarcane vinegar, and garlic, no one can compete with local chefs.

In late January, the Vigan celebrates City Fiesta and Longganisa Festival is included in the festive program. It's normally celebrated around January 22nd to January 25th—the dates vary from year to year. During the festival, every tourist has a chance to try authentic longganisa from Vigan. Usually, local people eat salami for breakfast but the food itself is too good to be eaten during the morning hours only.

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