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Tumalo Falls Hike in Portland

Picturesque falls in West Oregon are especially impressive during the summer

Tumalo Falls Hike
Tumalo Falls Hike
Tumalo Falls Hike
Tumalo Falls Hike

Tumalo Falls is located on Tumalo Creek in the Cascade mountain range in the state of Oregon near the town of Bend. The falls belong to the Deschutes National Forest Preserve. With an elevation of 5,052 feet (1,540 m), Tumalo Falls features a picnic area and a few trails for hiking and mountain biking. Admission requires Northwest Forest Pass or payment of a fee.

Tumalo Falls Trail starts from the picnic grounds and leads to a viewing platform above 97-foot (30 m) Tumalo Falls, about 0.25 mi (400 m) upstream. This hike can take about 10 minutes. After the falls the trail goes further upstream leading to the 65-feet (20-m) two-tiered cascade Middle Tumalo Falls. The trail then continues for 4 miles to a Happy Valley.

The trail is snow-free from June through October (for extra safety opt for the period between mid-June and September). Late June and July are good months to see the falls in full power. The road to the falls is closed for traffic during winter. In addition to seeing the falls, the area is suitable for fishing, biking and photographing.

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When is the ideal time to go to Tumalo Falls?

The best time to enjoy the grandeur of Tumalo Falls, among other waterfalls in the area, is between June and October. Peak summer temperatures range from high 60’s to mid 80’s, making it a comfortable period to visit. However, regardless of the season, visitors are sure to appreciate the beauty that Tumalo Falls and the surrounding areas have to offer. Show more

What is notable about the location of Tumalo Creek?

Tumalo Creek stretches through the cascading Cascade Mountains of Bend, Oregon, over 34 miles, until it eventually joins the Deschutes River. Furthermore, it adds to the beauty of the area with Tumalo Falls, which stands at 97 feet and requires hiking if visitors seek a closer view. Other outdoor activities in the area include biking and fishing. Show more

Tumalo Falls: What is its elevation?

Standing tall at approximately 5,052 feet (1,540 m) is the impressive Tumalo Falls, which falls from a height of 97 feet (30 m). If visitors are up for a hike, they can continue four miles beyond the Middle Tumalo Falls. Tumalo Falls provides an opportunity to be engulfed in natural beauty and be one with nature, thanks to the Deschutes National Forest Preserve's management. Show more

Is a fee charged to enter Tumalo Falls?

A Northwest Forest Pass or payment of a fee is required to tour Tumalo Falls, as it is in the Deschutes National Forest Preserve. The passes can be purchased online or at locations throughout the Preserve and any USDA Forest office in America. To ensure safety while enjoying outdoor activities, visitors are advised to bring appropriate gear and undertake necessary precautions. Show more

Apart from hiking and mountain biking, what else can visitors enjoy in the vicinity, and which attractions are popular with photographers?

Fishing can be enjoyed in the nearby creek that is stocked with rainbow trout, along with the nearby Mirror Pond. Photography enthusiasts can work their magic on the different scenic sites, foremost of which being Tumalo Falls. Also, in the vicinity is the High Desert Museum, which offers both history and culture, as well as facilities for rock climbing, skiing, and snowboarding in nearby regions. Show more

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