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White Aubergine

The sweet in taste eggplant of Santorini

White Aubergine

The remarkably tasty aubergine that looks quite strange in white is a good reason to visit Santorini in summer. Due to the volcanic soil and warm climate, the aubergines here are quite large in size and have a sweet taste. They also don't have seeds and do not absorb oil, which makes it easier to cook them.

They are most commonly planted around May to absorb the most sun before the heat comes, and you can indulge yourself with some grilled ones during the summer. It is also a must to try melitzanosalata, a paste made with white eggplant, and rola melitzanas me feta or eggplant rolls. Many restaurants on the islans also serve briam ( a kind of ratatouille) with white aubergine and a variety of other vegetarian dishes with this great vegetable.

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