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Slovakia is home to almost 360 bird species. Every single region in Slovakia has something for bird lovers, but the most popular birding places are the High Tatra Mountains, Orava region, Poloniny National Park, the territory around the Danube River, and the National Natural Reserve Senné ponds.

The biggest bird's highlights in Slovakia are Saker falcon, Eastern imperial eagle and White-tailed eagle. You can observe them while visiting the lowlands of Eastern and Western Slovakia. In the Tatras Mountains, you will be able to see rare species of owls like Tengmalm's owl and Pygmy owl. Also, this area is rich in woodpeckers, eagles, hazel and black grouse, alpine accentors, and much more. Poloniny National Park, which is located in northeastern Slovakia, is an excellent place for twitching Ural owl, woodpecker and Hazel grouse. The National Natural Reserve Senné will definitely amaze you with its cormorants, silvery grebes, purple herons.

The best time to go birdwatching in Slovakia is from April to October. Spring and autumn feature an enormous amount of birds migrating from Africa and Asia. There are lots of birding tours provided in Slovakia, where you can explore the birds and enjoy their sweet chirping.

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What are some of the birdwatching destinations in Slovakia that are favored by tourists?

Slovakia has become a favorite destination for birdwatching tourists with a staggering count of almost 360 bird species. The High Tatra mountains, the Orava region, Poloniny National Park, the Danube river, and Senné Ponds National Natural Reserve are among the most popular tourist attractions in Slovikia. These areas have unique bird species to watch and provide an enjoyable birdwatching experience to travelers. Show more

Which uncommon bird species can be seen in the Tatras Mountains?

Uncommon bird species like Tengmalm's owl and Pygmy owl are commonly seen in the Tatras Mountains. Other fascinating bird species in this area include woodpeckers, eagles, hazel, black grouse, and alpine accentors, among others. Bird lovers will love the scenic beauty of Tatras Mountains while looking for rare bird species, making it an undeniably wonderful experience. Show more

What is the recommended time for birdwatching in Slovakia?

Slovakia's peak birdwatching season generally runs from April to October. This period is ideal for birdwatchers because it coincides with the spring and autumn bird migration from Asia and Africa, giving tourists a chance to witness many different bird species. Weather conditions during these months are mild, and clear skies provide optimal viewing experience, making it the best time to visit Slovakia. Show more

What are some of the ways to explore birds in Slovakia?

Several birdwatching tours are available in Slovakia, offering bird enthusiasts an excellent opportunity to explore and understand the unique bird species in the area. These birdwatching tours are led by knowledgeable bird guides who have the experience to locate the best birdwatching locations. While tourists can go birdwatching on their own, having a guide assures a better possibility of spotting the specific birds they want to see. Show more

What is the best place to see the Ural owl, woodpecker, and Hazel grouse in Slovakia?

The Poloniny National Park, situated in northeastern Slovakia, is the best place to watch the Ural owl, woodpecker, and Hazel grouse. With over 30,000 hectares, the park is not only limited to forests but hosts many other species of animals and birds. Tourists can explore the park and other birdwatching attractions in Slovakia to enjoy an unforgettable birdwatching experience. Show more

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