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Slovak Food Festival 2023

Enjoy the traditional taste of Slovakia during this delicious occasion in Bratislava

Dates: May 25–28, 2023 (on hold)

The Slovak food festival is a pretty new event which takes place in Bratislava Castle. The event offers you a big open-door picnic with lots of delicious food, drinks, fruits, sweets etc. Besides Slovak food, you will be able to try the best meals of neighbouring countries including Hungary, Czech Republic, and Austria. There you can enjoy different types of beer, the best sorts of wines, cheese, meat, tasty homemade bread, cookies, pies, exotic fruits, traditional alcoholic drinks, and much more. What is more, the event provides different exciting activities, you can enjoy the process of cooking your favourite dish in front of your eyes, partake in various competitions, and contest shows and enjoy live music. Also, the festival offers a children’s corner with lots of games and quizzes.

Annually the occasion hosts approximately 20,000 visitors, and you can enrich this amount by your presence. During the Slovak food festival, you will be pleased by the cheerful atmosphere, amazingly delicious smells around you, and it's a great chance to discover the best views of Bratislava city from the top.

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