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Cauliflower Blooming Season in Vietnam

Cauliflower may not be the most romantic plant to fascinate with its bloom, but you'll change your mind when you see the Moc Chau's fields covered with wonderful white bloom

Best time: late October–early November

Cauliflower Blooming Season

Covering the area of Moc Chau some 200 km from Hanoi, the white bloom of cauliflower is attracting both tourists and locals in mid-autumn. The white blossom is a true trademark of the area and makes it a paradise for photographers.

Practical info

When is the ideal time to witness the beautiful cauliflower blooming season in Moc Chau?

Moc Chau's cauliflower blooming season is best seen in the autumn months of late October to early November. The entire fields of cauliflower are blanketed with white blooms, providing an ideal setting for photography enthusiasts and flower aficionados to capture the gorgeous scenery. Show more

What are the top locations to witness the cauliflower bloom in Moc Chau?

The hills of Ang Village, dairy farms near Ban Ang Pine Forest, and the large fields surrounding Van Ho Village provide the best opportunities to experience Moc Chau's cauliflower bloom. Such areas are renowned for their premium cauliflower blooming season, enticing natives and foreigners alike to delight in the lovely spectacle. Show more

Besides cauliflower, what other sorts of flowers can I observe in Moc Chau during its autumn season?

Moc Chau offers an array of flowers that bloom throughout its autumn season, including buckwheat flowers that typically blossom between September and November, in addition to chrysanthemums that flower from October to December. During October and November, guests can also enjoy the vibrant colors of cherry blossoms and roses in the region. Show more

What is the customary way the locals in Moc Chau observe the cauliflower blooming season?

The cultural festival known as ‘Moc Chau Love Cauliflower Fest’ is a customary way the locals in Moc Chau observe the cauliflower blooming season. From November 15 to 20, visitors can participate in the festival that features traditional dances and music shows, local cuisine showcasing cauliflower, and a chance to experience the exquisite tea hills in the region. Show more

In Moc Chau, are there any distinctive local dishes or products with cauliflower ingredients?

In Moc Chau, there are several unique local dishes celebrated for their cauliflower emphasis, including “xôi trắng điểm sấy” (steamed rice with dried cauliflower) along with “canh sắn nước dừa” (arrowroot soup with coconut milk and cauliflower). Dried cauliflower chips, cauliflower tea, and cauliflower wine are souvenirs that tourists can purchase in the area, which cannot be found elsewhere in the world. Show more

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