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This authentic Greek dish of ancient origin has many different regional varieties, though none without stuffed grape leaves

Best time: May–June


Reasonable Greek cooks don't waste a single ingredient! In addition to grapes, vine leaves are likewise widely used in the preparation of the authentic Greek dish called Dolmades also known simply as stuffed grape leaves. Dolmades recipes even date back to ancient times. Depending on the region, the filling may vary from the usual mincemeat mixed with rice to a combination of herbs like fennel, dill, thyme, oregano, and pine nuts. Grape leaves are harvested in late spring and early summer ​when plentiful new foliage is light green and most tender. May and June are generally the best time to enjoy Greek Dolmades made of fresh leaves, although the picked foliage is stored for longer, and grape leave parcels may be also available later throughout the year.​

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