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Giant Omelette in Malmedy 2023, Belgium

Every year, the citizens of Malmedy gather to cook a huge omelette

Dates: August 15, 2023

In August, thousands of spectators come to Malmedy, a small town in Wallonia, to taste one of the biggest omelettes in the world. The dish is simple—it is made from eggs, bacon, and herbs. However, in order to prepare the omelette, several cooks need around 10,000 eggs and a 4-meter diameter pan to fry them.

Not everyone can join the cooking process—it is an honourable duty of the local members of The World Fraternity of Knights of the Giant Omelette. The organisation appeared in 1973 in Bessières, France, and spread all over the world. Its branch in Malmedy was created in 1995. Other branches also exist in Fréjus (France), Dumbea (New Caledonia), Abbeville (Louisiana, USA), Granby (Canada), and Pigüé (Argentina).

The initial idea behind the Fraternity was to cook a huge omelette to feed the poor. The modern grandmasters follow the tradition and hand out portions of omelette for free. In Malmedy, the public gathers at the Place de Rome to have a bite of the delicious dish. When the omelette is eaten, the celebration continues: People listen to street music in the square, take part in games, watch performances, and try barbecue and other street food.

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