Best time to travel to Bulgaria

Sunflowers in Bloom in Bulgaria

Endless fields of blooming sunflowers are just incredible

Best time: July–August

Sunflowers in Bloom
Sunflowers in Bloom
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Where can you find the largest blossoming fields and valleys? In Bulgaria, of course! Varna, Kaliakra, Chernograd, and Durankulak show some of the best in the country. Early summer is the time for roses blooming, but July and August are the months for magnificent fields of sunflowers!

Sunflowers in Bulgaria are the symbol of a joyful, sunny life. It is given as a gift to bring happiness, wealth, and home comfort.

Practical info

When is the best time to see sunflowers in bloom in Bulgaria?

The sunflowers in Bulgaria bloom from late July to mid-August, with July and August being the recommended months to visit. The vibrant yellow flowers are in full bloom in mid-August. Travelers are encouraged to speak with tour operators to determine the ideal visiting time, which may vary by location. Show more

Where are the best places to see sunflower fields in Bulgaria?

Visitors can expect to see some of Bulgaria's most beautiful sunflower fields in several locations, including Varna, Kaliakra, Chernograd, and Durankulak. Tourists should consult nearby visitor centers to arrange transportation and learn more about Bulgaria's sunflower growth industry. Visitors may even be able to take home fresh flowers grown in the surrounding fields. Show more

How long is the sunflower blooming season in Bulgaria?

The sunflowers start to bloom in late June and reach their peak during late July to mid-August. The peak time can differ based on the climate in specific regions. Travelers should plan their trip to Bulgaria for the months between July to August to see the sunflowers at their best. Visitors can find plenty of other activities in Bulgaria, including wine regions, historical attractions, striking natural scenery, and small towns worth exploring at any time of the year. Show more

What is the significance of sunflowers in Bulgarian culture?

Sunflowers are a popular gift in Bulgarian culture. They represent joy, affluence, and warm hospitality. Sunflowers exemplify loyalty and longevity, and they are commonly presented as presents at weddings, housewarming parties, and birthdays. People also use the sunflower's yellow petals and stem for medicinal purposes to help boost energy and vitality. Visitors to Bulgaria can find sunflower-based products in many local shops, including sweets, snacks, and seeds for planting. Show more

Can you buy sunflowers as a gift in Bulgaria and where?

If you're looking for a perfect gift, sunflowers are a popular choice in Bulgaria. Sunflowers are readily available in local farmer's markets and floral shops throughout the country. During the summertime, travelers can find freshly harvested sunflowers in the surrounding farms. However, it's always better to check with the farmers before going. Sunflowers signify joy, affluence, and hospitality, making them an ideal present for any occasion in Bulgaria. Show more

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