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GlobalFest 2020

A dazzling fireworks festival and international competition


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Every August, the skies of Calgary light up with thousands of lights when the annual Globalfest festival takes place at Elliston Park. The festival also has food vendors, a children’s village presented by Shaker’s Fun Centre, a Night Market, and the Oneworld Festival. The OneWorld Festival is a large educational display with more than 20 Cultural Pavilions representing various nations along with numerous ethnic food kiosks. The Night Market also has about a dozen vendors.

GlobalFest in Calgary - Best Season 2020

The major highlight of the festival is the International Fireworks Festival which consists of six firework presentations from five international teams. Pyrotechnic displays take place over the Elliston Park in Southeast Calgary and are synchronized with music. Therefore, they are called 'pyro-musicals.' The first festival organized by the Calgary Fireworks Festival Society was held in 2003.

Fireworks at Globalfest 2018. Ukraine was the country preforming  2020
Fireworks at Globalfest 2018. Ukraine was the country preforming

The GlobalFest also features the Human Rights Forum. It's a week-long event that aims to discuss issues of human rights and diversity. It is held at the John Dutton Theatre, which is part of Calgary Central Public Library.

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