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The Plant Chicago

A former meatpacking facility is transformed into a human-made ecosystem

Plant Chicago is a unique urban space that includes over 20 small food businesses, like farming, baking, and brewing, as well as a year-round market. The former 93,500 square feet meatpacking plant now hosts a fish hatchery, hydroponic garden, commercial kitchen, and a kombucha tea brewery. Interestingly, waste from one part of the farm is utilized by another, making it a net-zero energy system. The mushroom farm uses spent grain from the brewery while the farm fish enjoy the brewery’s spent barley. All of the waste is recycled, making it an example of a “green factory.”

Electricity will be provided by a generator that is powered by biogas emitted from The Plant’s anaerobic digester. The Plant is still undergoing transformations as a sustainable, self-sufficient business complex that will promote a responsible attitude to the environment and economic growth. The plant is located at 1400 W 46th St, in Back of the Yards neighbourhood where it serves as a model for green technology.

Tours of the developing complex take place on Saturdays at noon. Private tours are also available. Plant Chicago frequently hosts classes and workshops that explore circular economy principles that can be learned on-site at The Plant.

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