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Fruiting and Flowering in the Amazon Rainforest

Experience tropical jungle life in the Amazon and explore the best kinds of flowers and fruits

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Nature in the Amazon rainforest can't be surpassed! Its fauna is highlighted by stunning flowers like the Heliconia Flower, Hanging Lobster Claw, different kinds of Orchids, Giant Water Lilies, and many others. You will have a chance to try various tropical fruits: Camu Camu, Mountain Soursop which is also known locally as guanábana, Cupuaçu, Cacao, and Avocado.

The best time to go is the high-water season. The blooming lasts from January until June and fresh fruits can be harvested from January until April. It's also a good chance to see monkeys and birds along the rivers because they feast upon the abundance of tropical fruit and enjoy swimming in the blackwater creeks. All these natural beauty you can explore while visiting Leticia city, municipality of the Amazonas Department - Puerto Nariño, and the Monkey Island.

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