Best time to travel to Glacier National Park, MT

Twin Falls and Two Medicine Lake in Glacier National Park, MT

Discover the region that was considered sacred by the Blackfeet Indian tribe

Best time: April–September

Twin Falls and Two Medicine Lake
Twin Falls and Two Medicine Lake
Overlooking Lower Two Medicine Lake

Located in the southeastern part of Glacier National Park, Two Medicine Valley was once a significant park's landmark. In the early 20th century, it was among most visited sites in Montana. A chalet complex and Two Medicine Store remind of these times. Built in 1914, they are now a National Historic Landmark. Two Medicine Lake stretches for about 2 miles (3 km) and features scenic boat rides. The best time for hiking and other outdoor activities here is from April through September.

Two Medicine hikes

Two Medicine Lake is surrounded by a network of hiking trails, which provide stunning views of Sinopah Mountain and Rising Wolf Mountain dominating over the area. The most popular trails include a 4-mi (6-km) Upper Two Medicine Lake hike and a 7-mi (11-km) hike around the lake. From there, you can take a two-mile detour west of the lake to Twin Falls, a pair of picturesque waterfalls. The split waterfall plunges 80 feet (24 m) into the valley and is easily accessible. It's also possible to take a boat across the lake to shorten the walking distance to Twin Falls. To capture more cascading waters, it's also worth taking a hike to Rockwell Falls and Aster Falls on the South Shore of the lake.

Where to stay

Overnight stay in the valley is possible at Two Medicine Campground, located near East Glacier. Lower Two Medicine Lake is part of the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. The whole area is sacred for the tribe and once was the site of various rituals, including Vision quests.

Practical info

When is the best time to hike around Two Medicine Lake?

Exploring the region around Two Medicine Lake is ideal from April through September when the weather is pleasant for outdoor activities. The area has several attractive hiking trails ranging from 4-7 miles, offering fascinating views of Sinopah Mountain and Rising Wolf Mountain that add more charm. The peaceful, serene ambiance around the lake is worth the hike. Show more

Where can I stay overnight when visiting Two Medicine Valley?

Two Medicine Campground, proximately located near East Glacier, is an excellent camping option for visitors exploring Two Medicine Valley. With 62 campsites, the campground offers easy access to lake and trail. However, campers must note that reservations are mandatory, and camping is only allowed from May through September, so plan your stay according to regulations. Show more

What is the significance of Two Medicine Valley for the Blackfeet Indian tribe?

Two Medicine Valley has immense relevance to the Blackfeet Indian tribe as it was considered sacred, and tribe members often conducted various religious rituals like Vision quests there. Visitors must respect the cultural and religious significance of this site while exploring the area. They should adhere to the National Park Service's guidelines to maintain the cultural heritage while on the visit. Show more

Can I swim in Two Medicine Lake?

The lake does not have lifeguards, and the water temperature might be too cold, so while visitors can swim, it is not advisable. It's better to take in the scenic views of the lake and surrounding mountains on designated trails. There is no reason to risk safety along with the serene ambiance. Show more

What other waterfalls are accessible from Two Medicine Lake?

Twin Falls is one of the must-visit attractions while exploring Two Medicine Lake, but it's not the only one. Visitors who love waterfalls have other options like the Rockwell Falls and Aster Falls accessible via hiking. Do remember to stay on the assigned trails and go through proper guidelines, or other needed safety measures while hiking the trails. Show more

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