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Kurama Fire Festival 2023

A local event where the village becomes one big family


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The Kurama Fire Festival takes place in a small village named Kurama, located an hour from the downtown of Kyoto. The festival is supported by the Yuki-jinja Shrine and is highlighted by a parade of torches and mikoshi (portable shrines).

The festival begins at dusk with the lighting of torches in which all residents of the village are involved. The procession begins with small kids holding their own small torches in the front, followed by their parents and teenagers. In the back, men carry very massive torches that weigh approximately 100 kilograms! Later on, you will see young people carry two mikoshis on their shoulders through a mountain path to the Yuki-jinja Shrine.

One of the most eccentric festivals of Kyoto is held annually on the 22nd of October.

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