Best time to visit Morocco

Beach Season in Morocco

Choosing the time to go to Morocco totally depends on what you plan to do there. The beach season also has its own perks

Best time: June–August

Beach Season
Beach Season

The tourist high season coincides with the beach season. It is best to go in summer, when the temperatures on the coast are cooler than inland, but still warm enough to heat up the waters of the Atlantic ocean.

Practical info

When is the beach season in Morocco?

In Morocco, the beach season typically runs from June to August, although it's advisable to check weather forecasts due to variations in temperature across different coastal areas. Show more

Where are the best beach spots in Morocco?

Morocco boasts numerous beautiful beaches, the best of which vary depending on one's preferences. Popular destination choices include Legzira Beach, Oualidia Lagoon, and Asilah beaches, as well as the well-known Agadir Beach. Show more

What is the temperature like during the beach season in Morocco?

During the beach season, temperatures can soar up to 35 °C along Morocco's coastline. As with other parts of the country, inland areas tend to have more stable temperatures. Coastal cities, on the other hand, may experience high humidity. It's crucial to utilize adequate sun protection and stay hydrated while enjoying the beaches. Show more

What are some water activities available during the beach season in Morocco?

Travellers visiting Morocco's beaches can take advantage of a range of water activities, such as surfing, windsurfing, kayaking, jet skiing, and kiteboarding. Many of the best beaches offer equipment rental, while water activity centres provide guided lessons. Scuba diving and snorkelling are also options for those interested in exploring the marine life and coral reefs. Show more

When is the best time to find deals on beach resorts in Morocco?

Although the beach season is in the summer months, it is not the ideal time to find the best deals on beach resorts, due to high demand from tourists. On the other hand, deals can usually be found between September and May when resorts experience low customer demand. Advance booking and price comparison can also help you to get the best deals with ease. Show more

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