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Black Sand Piha Beach in New Zealand

Piha Beach in Auckland dazzles with black sands as well as great surfing opportunities and large rocks towering from the water

Best time: December–March

Black Sand Piha Beach
Black Sand Piha Beach
Black Sand Piha Beach

Piha Beach renowned for its dazzling black sands offers a number of exciting pastimes from excellent swimming and surfing opportunities to hiking up the Kitekite Falls and lion rock climbing. The swimmers and surfers are warned about submerged rocks. To prevent oneself from the hazard, vacationers are allowed only to the safest areas suitable for aquatic activities. Besides, they are constantly watched by lifesavers, ready to provide the necessary help. Summer season, in particular, ​the months from December through March, is the most suitable to experience as much as possible.

Practical info

When is the ideal time for visiting Piha Beach?

Piha Beach is best visited during the summer season that extends from December through March. During this time, tourists can participate in various activities such as swimming, surfing, hiking up Kitekite Falls, and experiencing the black sand of Piha Beach. The average temperature ranges between 22 – 25 degrees Celsius, offering favorable weather to enjoy the beach fully. Show more

What's Piha Beach's location in New Zealand?

Piha Beach is situated in Auckland, New Zealand, about 40 kilometers from the central business district. The beach offers tourists a striking scenic view with its unique combination of green forests, rocky coastline, and iconic Lion Rock. With its close proximity to Auckland city, tourists can easily access the beach for a day trip or a weekend getaway. Show more

What are the alternative activities in addition to surfing at Piha Beach?

Beyond surfing, visitors to Piha Beach can explore a wide range of activities. Hiking up the Kitekite Falls is a popular activity that features a spectacular waterfall with opportunities for swimming. Another activity is climbing the Lion Rock, a rock formation that distinguishes Piha Beach and offers visitors a scenic view of the surrounding environment. Additionally, families can enjoy the playground nearby, making Piha Beach an ideal destination for all. Show more

When is the recommended time to hike up Kitekite Falls?

The ideal time for hiking up the Kitekite Falls is between September to May. During this time, the weather is mild, making the hike comfortable. The falls offer a refreshing environment surrounded by lush greenery and are known for their natural pools that provide visitors with the opportunity to take a dip in cool waters while swimming. Show more

Can tourists safely swim in Piha Beach with hidden rocks present?

While swimming in Piha Beach, tourists should be cautious of the presence of submerged rocks, which could be potentially dangerous. However, the beach offers designated swimming areas that are safe and monitored by lifeguards. Tourists should pay attention to warning signboards and follow the instructions from the lifeguards to ensure personal safety while enjoying a swim in Piha Beach. Show more

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