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Mango Trees in Bloom

Huge mango trees are a truly beautiful sight while flowering


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Mango trees grow all over Rio and are easy to spot since they are usually very large—up to 30 meters with a 10-meter canopy. So the tree by itself is quite spectacular, but while flowering it's even better. Blooming usually occurs between July and October. During that time different flowers develop on diff​erent parts of the tree. Mango flowers are produced in clusters up to 40 cm long. Each flower is small and white with a sweet fragrance. During the blooming period, thousands of flowers may develop on the tree but less that 1% of them will mature to a mango fruit. Besides the delicious fruits and beautiful flowers, mango trees also produce an enormous amount of oxygen, so it's a precious tree, especially for a city like Rio with its millions of residents.

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