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Fountain Paint Pots

These colorful boiling pots are one of the park's main attractions


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The Fountain Paint Pot area is a perfect place to see various thermal features that are both active and amusing. The acidity of the stream in the paint pots corrodes the rock surface and turns it into the clay. This creates interesting colours of white, grey, yellow, red, and brown which occur due to iron oxidation in the mud. The surface plops and bubbles with escaping gases and the whole thing looks like boiling mud.

Fountain Paint Pot 2020
Fountain Paint Pot

The Fountain Paint Pot trail takes you along the other interesting spots for geothermal activity. After the Hebgen Lake earthquake, the whole area changed and became even more active. As the result of the earthquake, a new mud pot Red Spouter also appeared.

Red Spouter 2020
Red Spouter

The Clepsydra Geyser has been erupting regularly since then as well.

Clepsydra Geyser  2020
Clepsydra Geyser

The most active season is spring, as the snow melts and the amount of water is larger. At this time the geyser shows off higher splashes of water and even Red Spouter has geyser-like qualities at this time. By the end of summer, the water levels decrease and the splashing eventually stops. Finally, the sun heats and dries the mud making it hard and thick.

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