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Fasching 2024

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Dates: January 28–February 13, 2024

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Fasching is a Carnival celebration in German-speaking countries. It is usually held before Lent, but the exact dates vary. Austrian Fasching celebrations continue between the Epiphany (January 6) and Ash Wednesday, but the most iconic celebrations are held from Shrove Saturday to Ash Wednesday, in particular Faschingssonntag, Rosenmontag, and Faschingsdienstag, also called Mardi Gras. There are parades and processions, costume parties and so on. Fasching festivities end on Ash Wednesday.

Best places to experience Fasching in Austria

The top locations to experience the Austrian carnival season include Salzburg, Vorarlberg, Upper Austria (Ebensee, Mattighofen), Tyrol (Axamer, Thaur), Styria (Graz), Carinthia (Villach), and Burgenland.

Carnival season in Salzburg (January 28–February 13, 2024)

Salzburg starts its celebrations already in late January with a flamboyant Carneval Party, which is free to the public. The main events take place on the final days of Fasching season. Maxglaner Carneval Parade traditionally takes to the streets on Saturday afternoon, starting from Siezenheimerstraße and finishing at Bräuhausstraße. The climax of the action is expected on Shrove Tuesday's evening at Faschingskehraus mit Prinzenverbrennung with music and dancing.

Carnival parades in Tirol (Mils: February 4, 2024 | Patscher: February 8, 2024)

Tirol throws an array of folk events and fun-packed Shrovetide celebrations worth seeing. Festive parades are especially aplenty, but quite a few of them occur once in three, four, or five years, namely Nassereith Schellerlaufen, Weer Carnival Parade, Fiss Blochziehen, Axams Wampelerreiten, and Telfs Schleicherlaufen. Fortunately, some villages, including Mils, Rum, Absam, and Thaur, boast annual parades. Also, you can always count on Patscher Schellenschlagerinnen, happening annually on the last Thursday of the season and featuring women only. Stay tuned for the actual schedule for the upcoming year by the link in the External Resources below.

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