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Fasching is a Carnival celebration in German-speaking countries. It is usually held before Easter Lent but varies from country to country. Austrian Fasching celebrations continue between the Epiphany (January 6) and Ash Wednesday. It includes a lot of traditional events and customs but the most important days are from Shrove Saturday to Ash Wednesday, particularly Faschingssonntag, Rosenmontag, and Faschingsdienstag, also called Mardi Gras. There are parades and processions, costume parties and so on. Fasching ends on Ash Wednesday.

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Fasching in Graz 2020
Fasching in Graz
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The top locations to experience the Austrian carnival season include Salzburg, Vorarlberg, Upper Austria (Ebensee, Mattighofen), Tyrol (Axamer, Thaur), Styria (Graz), Carinthia (Villach), and Burgenland. One of the funniest events is Saturday parade in the town of Villach with more than 150 colorful groups participating. During this time everyone enjoys “Faschingskrapfen," a doughnut with apricot jam filling.

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