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Heather Blooming

Observe the vast Belgian moorlands covered with a violet carpet of Calluna vulgaris

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Heather is an evergreen flowering plant native to European heaths. Its blossoming season beings in July and continues through to September, but the highest concentration of flowers appears in late August. At this time, the moorlands change its colour to all shades of violet and purple.

In Belgium, heather grows mainly in the northern part of the country—in the Campine region and in the Kalmthout Heath. The latter is one of the oldest and largest natural reserves in Flanders. The heath is a part of the De Zoom–Kalmthoutse Heide park located on the border of Belgium and the Netherlands. The other place to look for blooming heather is the Hautes Fagnes, a natural reserve in the upper Ardennes.

Heather is not only beautiful to look at—it is also valuable for animals and humans. It is a source of food for sheep and deer. Meanwhile, people still use it to brew beer (heather substitutes hops) and to make honey.

Additionally, when you visit the moorlands to have a look at the vast purple areas of heather, pay attention to the local fauna. You may meet such species as the hare, red squirrel, common dwarf bat, fox, roe deer, common forest mouse, mole, rabbit, etc.

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