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Plum Season in Bulgaria 2024

Bulgarians are always in a mood for plums!

Best time: August–November

Plum Season
Plum Season
Ripe plums
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Bulgarian people have been growing plums for a long time. They don't only eat this fruit fresh but also use it in jams, juices, jelly, marmalades, pastille, prunes, tinctures, liqueurs, and plum brandy. In the south of Bulgaria, at the foot of the Balkans, you will even find an ancient city of Sliven named after it. Plums in Bulgaria are easy to find from late summer to early autumn.

At the end of September, there is a plum festival held annually in Troyan. This holiday of national traditions and Bulgarian culture is celebrated richly and cheerfully. Residents and guests of Troyan are offered various forms of fun and entertainment related to plums, which is regarded very highly here. The main events of the festival are held at the Museum of Folk Crafts and in the central square of Troyan. Locals generously "wine and dine" famous plum brandy or so-called 'Slivovitz', one of the most common varieties of rakia in Bulgaria.

Locals generously "wine and dine" Slivovitz (plum brandy), one of the most common varieties of rakia in Bulgaria.

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