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Cherry Blossom

Gorgeous blossoming cherry trees can be viewed in Denver and Boulder every spring


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Colorado is not the first place that comes to mind when you think of blossoming cherry trees. The state is more known for its flowering crabapples, which can seem like cherries from a distance due to similarly pink flowers. However, there are a few spots in the mountainous state where it's possible also to see beautiful cherries dressed in pink and white.

Cherry Creek Neighborhood in central Denver is the best place in Colorado to admire cherry blossom. The peak bloom occurs in late March or early April, making this residential and shopping district especially beautiful. The area boasts hundreds of trees planted in the late 1940s. It's a perfect destination for a leisurely spring walk. Cherry Creek Bike Path is another way to experience spring in Denver, riding your bike.

University of Colorado campus in Boulder is another beautiful location due to hundreds of blossoming trees. The campus overall boasts about 4,000 trees of over a hundred species. In April, it's possible to see both flowering cherries and crabapple trees in the area.

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