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Best time to visit Copenhagen

Beach Season

Locals have learned not to take summer for granted, sun and warmth is cherished and enjoyed to its fullest


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Denmark doesn't boast scorching sun. Nevertheless, when summer sets in, locals head out to beaches to enjoy warm season. Ample beaches provide enough space for both Danes and city's numerous visitors. You can explore the city's coastline and choose the beach that appears appealing to you. A few most popular ones include Amager Strandpark, Bellevue Beach, Svanemølle Strand, and Charlottenlund Beach Park.

Amager Strandpark is particularly famous for being the largest beach found in Copenhagen, truly vast and clean, with bathing docks, restrooms, non-expensive ice-cream stalls. This is a great place for BBQ-ing. Huge Bellevue Beach is also suitable for BBQ. It's favoured by Muslim and Asian Danish communities, and unlike other city's beaches, you probably won't find topless vacationers here. A small Svanemølle Strand is distinguished by urban landscapes, nice long pier to walk on, and this one is also the one that attracts the largest numbers of nudists, just so you know. Charlottenlund Beach Park is the smallest one, it sits in the suburbs of the city, and is mostly popular with locals, rather than tourists. However, it's worth a visit if you wish for something special. The beach is set beside Charlottenlund Park famed for lots of old trees, small ponds, and a military fortress erected in the late 1800s.

There are more nice seaside areas to discover. Summer in Copenhagen lasts normally from June to August.

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