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Kürtőskalács or Sekler Cake Festival 2023

You can't say you have been to Hungary, if you haven't tried this pastry

Dates: May 12–14, 2023

Kürtőskalács or Sekler Cake Festival
Kürtőskalács or Sekler Cake Festival

​Wrap a strip of sweet dough around a thick wooden tool, roll it a few times in sugar, bake it over charcoal embers until golden brown and caramelized; finally, flavour it with crushed nuts, chocolate, vanilla, cocoa, or cinnamon. Now you know how to bake the most popular pastry in Hungary—kürtőskalács also known as a chimney or Sekler cake. This delight can be found almost everywhere in Hungary in any season—in street bakeries, in cafes, markets and, definitely, at every festival. However, the widest variety of chimney cakes happens once a year in October at the Chimney-cake festival in Budapest. If you find yourself brave enough, you can accept a challenge to bake your ​kürtőskalács, following the traditional Transylvanian recipe.

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