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Los Veranos de la Villa 2023

"Los Veranos de la Villa" is one of the most awaited events in Madrid: concerts and theatre performances take place throughout the summer

Dates: early July–late August 2023 (unconfirmed)

For two months, the Spanish capital becomes one big stage. The program of the festival unites various genres and directions of art: music, theatre, ballet, and cinema. Performances of famous artists from Spain, as well as invited stars from abroad, are traditionally held in the framework of Los Veranos de la Villa. Among the performers are pop music stars, famous jazzmen, and living legends of modern flamenco.

Hundreds of events of "Summer in the Villa" cover almost all the important cultural venues in Madrid, including the central square of the capital of the Plaza Mayor, the Cultural Center of Conde Duque, and the entertainment complex of Matadero Madrid. The main events unfold on the open stage of Puente del Rey, surrounded by the picturesque greenery of the parks of Casa de Campo and Madrid-Rio.

The festival usually starts in late June and lasts through early September.

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