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Kitesurfing at St Kilda Beach

Even in bad weather, St Kilda Beach is not empty, here you can often see kitesurfers enjoying their favorite sport and amazing nature

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St Kilda Beach in Port Phillip Bay is one of the most popular places in Melbourne with thousands of tourists flocking there every year. Upon getting to the beach, it's easy to understand why it's so trendy: sand, waves, cafes, fine restaurants, and shops offer entertainment for every taste. St Kilda Beach is also good for those interested in water sports, such as kitesurfing.

From October to April, hundreds of holidaymakers play with large colourful kites, staying afloat on the water. Hardcore athletes catch the wind and rush to enjoy their favourite sport since the wind can be caught almost daily. In summer, a protected compartment often creates permanent nodes 16-20 kilometres wide and the shallow water shelf is ideal for beginners.

St Kilda Beach is very wide and ideal for kiting. Kitesurfing schools on the beach offer private lessons from leading trainers, which are ideal for beginners and simple kitesurfers. After several lessons, you can already safely stand on the board, adjust the speed and angle. However, going with a kite into the ocean, you need to consider the possibility of a collision with the local fauna, which is not always benevolent to people. In general, enjoy hurrying on the water while kitesurfing. As they say, a tailwind and a soft wave for you!

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