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Discover underwater caves, ship wrecks, and creepy creatures of the Adriatic. Diving in Montenegro is definitely worth a try​


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Summer is the best season for discovering the underwater life of the Adriatic Sea. At least, most diving centers in Montenegro begin operating in June, when the water becomes warm enough. Scuba diving has become very popular here in the last several years, so one can find different options for where to dive. Divers favour the waters of Budva, Tivat, Bar, Sveti Stefan, and others. Tour companies offer various types of activities: open sea diving, night diving, wreck and cave diving, underwater photography and video, etc. Divers can explore the real Montenegrin underwater world—strange sea creatures, undiscovered rocky caves, abandoned merchant and military ships, colorful reefs and many other things. By the way, the prices are relatively low compared to other Eur​opean countries.

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