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Diving in Montenegro

Discover underwater caves, ship wrecks, and creepy creatures of the Adriatic. Diving in Montenegro is definitely worth a try​

Summer is the best season for discovering the underwater life of the Adriatic Sea. At least, most diving centers in Montenegro begin operating in June, when the water becomes warm enough. Scuba diving has become very popular here in the last several years, so one can find different options for where to dive. Divers favour the waters of Budva, Tivat, Bar, Sveti Stefan, and others. Tour companies offer various types of activities: open sea diving, night diving, wreck and cave diving, underwater photography and video, etc. Divers can explore the real Montenegrin underwater world—strange sea creatures, undiscovered rocky caves, abandoned merchant and military ships, colorful reefs and many other things. By the way, the prices are relatively low compared to other Eur​opean countries.

Practical info

When is it appropriate to go diving in Montenegro?

Montenegro is best for diving during summertime in June. During this period, diving centers begin to operate as the waters get warmer. You can explore the underwater world of Montenegro in clear visibility and warm water temperatures. Visitors should avoid traveling in August, where winds are high and the tourist peak. Show more

Which places in Montenegro are most sought-after for diving?

The coastal surroundings around Budva, Tivat, Bar, and Sveti Stefan in Montenegro provide new and exceptional diving opportunities. Each spot has a unique underwater world with interesting rocky caves to explore, colorful reefs, and numerous sea creatures. The waters here are known for their clear visibility, so it is not necessary to dive deeply to see the magnificent wonders of Montenegro. Show more

What is the cost of scuba diving in Montenegro?

Diving in Montenegro is relatively affordable in contrast to other European countries. Depending on the diving center, visitors should expect to pay €40 to €60 per dive for guided tours. PADI courses range from €300 to €500, and they also include rental equipment. Prices for diving courses differ according to instruction level and duration of the course. Show more

What sea creatures can you find while diving in Montenegro?

There are plenty of marine creatures that inhabit Montenegro's underwater world; schools of fish, octopuses, eels, crabs, and lobsters are common sightings. Furthermore, there are multiple species of colorful reef formations, and some caves host sea creatures that are exclusive only to this part of the Adriatic Sea. Lucky divers can catch a glimpse of dolphins or turtles in Montenegro's waters. Show more

Which landmarks or destinations are unique to explore while diving in Montenegro?

Montenegro's underwater world showcases exceptional landmarks and attractions. Sunken ships, military vessels, and merchant boats from past centuries provide new and exciting possibilities for divers. The Seaman's Monument in Bar is another renowned underwater attraction, placed on the seabed with a commemorative plate honoring sailors' lives lost at sea. The Blue Cave, situated between Lustica and the island of Mamula, is another unique underwater landmark. Sun rays penetrating the cave walls by creating a blue glow, making it especially stunning. Show more

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