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Best time to travel to Montenegro

Wild Flowers

In spring Montenegrin hillsides turn into flamboyant flower carpets

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Picturesque nature is one of the biggest treasures of Montenegro. Mountains are awesome during the whole year, but in spring they become something unreal. Different species of flowers start to blossom—and emerald-green hills become violet, yellow, pink, white… It’s a paradise for nature photographers, botanists, or for those who just love wildflowers.

While hiking in Montenegro you can find various types of plants, but the most beautiful here are orchids. Bee orchids, early purple orchids, lizard orchids, male goat orchids, Bertoloni’s orchids, monkey orchids; and this is only a small part of a list. The best place to discover different sides of Montenegrin flora is in the central part of the country (around Skadar Lake, Lovcen national park, P​iperi etc). Visit these places from April to May and witness something really special!

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