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Legzira Beach in Morocco

The most unique beach in the country is famous for its arches

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Legzira Beach
Legzira Beach

This beautiful beach is located between the towns of Mirleft and Sidi in Tiznit Province. Like many Moroccan beaches, this 8km stretch of sand is quite rocky and not very good for swimming. The most remarkable thing about Legzira Beach were the two stone arches that opened to an amazing view of the ocean during sunset. However, in 2016, one of the arches collapsed into the ocean. Luckily, the second arch is still there, but it is only accessible during the day when the tide is low. Since arches are formed as a result of erosion, there is a chance that new ones will be created over time at the famous Legzira Beach.

If you want to get into the water, summer is the best season to come. However, swimming at Legzira Beach is still considered too dangerous due to strong tides.

The spot is also loved by paragliders and surfers, as well as local fishermen.

Practical info

What is the best time to visit Legzira Beach in Morocco?

Summer is the ideal season for a visit to Legzira Beach in Morocco. During this time, the high temperatures make it perfect for sunbathing. While the beach operates year-round, the intense tides make swimming inadvisable. Summer provides an opportunity to partake in sports like surfing, fishing, and paragliding. Show more

Can we swim at Legzira Beach?

Swimming is perilous at Legzira beach due to the strong tides posing a risk. Likewise, Legzira Beach is known for its rough terrain, and there is danger in swimming in the waters. Visitors should instead consider enjoying the captivating sights or engaging in other activities such as paragliding, fishing, or surfing. Show more

Where exactly is Legzira Beach located?

Legzira Beach is situated within Tiznit Province in Morocco, between Mirleft and Sidi's towns. The beach's terrain is characteristic of the rocky sands found along Morocco's coastline. Legzira Beach is only reachable on foot or by car, and visitors must check tide timetables for safety purposes. Show more

Can we see any arches in Legzira Beach currently?

Only one arch remains at Legzira Beach following the collapse of the second arch in 2016, which plunged into the ocean. Tide levels determine the accessibility of the remaining arch, which guests may view during the day. Typically created by erosion, new arches might form in the future along the famous Legzira Beach. Show more

What are the popular sports activities at Legzira Beach other than swimming?

Legzira Beach is a haven for paragliders, surfers, and local anglers. Paragliding provides a breathtaking view of the striking arches from above, while surfing requires some level of proficiency due to the high waves. Fishing is popular among visitors and locals, with some local fishermen willing to accompany guests on their boats. Show more

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