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Best season to travel to Austria

Wine Season

Try to make your own wine and taste young wines among Austria's beautiful vineyards​


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An interesting and fun young wine tasting event usually begins on the Wednesday before St. Martin's Day (November 11). This is a special event for an Austrian sparkling wine called Junker. This sweet wine has been the traditional drink for many Burgenland vintners. The Burgenland new generation of winemakers now offers intense and spicy reds made from grape varieties unique to Austria. Places, where you can try and buy some, are called Heurigen (North-Eastern Austria) or Buschenschank (South-Eastern Austria, Styria). They are also called "wine in bushes," as winegrowers serve their own products without paying any gastronomy license fees. That's why the dishes and wine are very cheap but no less tasty. As a guest, you can even be involved in the process of winemaking as much as you like. The experience will be unforgettable. Enjoy a peaceful repose in the natural beauty of Austria's sloped vineyards​ during winemaking season.

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