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Blue Passion Flower Blooming

This unusual flower is the embodiment of the suffering of Jesus Christ

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The blue passion flower or Passiflora caerulea is a light-blue flower reaching 9 cm in diameter with pastel purple columns and a crown of dark blue threads. First it was described by Giacomo Bosio as a flower that reproduces the suffering of Jesus Christ: the 3 stigmas of the flower are the nails, the threaded crown represents the crown of thorns, the stamens are the wounds of Christ, the tops of leaves represent the spear, and the central trunk is the pillar to which Christ was tied.

Passiflora is a vine, with wooden stems and very large leaves up to 20 cm in diameter, grown as ornamental, but not as a food. These unusual and beautiful flowers smell very nice and make for a unique sight to behold in parks and botanical gardens of Buenos Aires. The blooming season is in late August and September.

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