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Corazones de Tejina 2024 in Canary Islands

A spectacular fiesta with heart-shaped flower structures

Dates: late August

La Laguna in Tenerife is famous for its yearly fiesta called “Corazones de Tejina,” also known as Eve of Hearts. This holiday is dedicated to St. Bartholomew. Three streets, Abajo, Arriba, and Pico, in La Laguna, make huge hearts in competition with each other. Each of the three tries to make the most beautiful heart and impress with new, fresh ideas.

Festival Highlights

On the night of August 25th, thousands of people gather to watch the spectacular fire spectacle as well. The next day is for hearts, which are prepared before being unveiled to the public. Thousands of locals and hundreds of tourists come to see these huge, gorgeous hearts made of fruits, flowers, and branches.

Hearts of Tejina Main Tradition

These magnificent heart-shaped figures, crafted by hand, weigh approximately 1,000 kg and can stand up to 12 meters tall. Typically, a team of 25 local men carries them with pride. The tradition emphasizes creativity and harmony in their composition, essential elements passed down through generations. While flowers, fruits, and branches are common in festive celebrations across the Canary Islands and beyond, none quite match the spectacular originality of the Hearts of Tejina.


The festival is a hub of diverse activities, each offering a unique experience. The Poems and Couplets Contest, a standout event, features works by authors from various Canarian, Spanish, and Latin American locales. The Story, Narration, Drawing, and Comic Contest, on the other hand, is designed to foster creativity among children and young people. These activities, among others, provide a platform for cultural exchange and creative expression, making the festival a truly enriching experience.

Festival Significance

The Hearts of Tejina epitomize a blend of celebration and religious devotion and hold significant ethnographic and anthropological value. In 2004, the International Center for Heritage Conservation acknowledged its universal significance in preserving cultural legacies and enriching regional, national, and international culture. The festival was honored with the Canary Islands Special Prize for the Restoration and Conservation of Intangible Heritage.

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