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Hiking in Canary Islands

Enjoy the magical diversity of landscapes on the Canary Islands

Best time: December–May


​The nature of the Canary Islands is unique in its diversity. You can walk through deep green laurel forests, across sand dunes, or choose routes with the Mars-like landscapes. National Parks, mountains, volcanic​ craters, and relaxing coastal walks await you. There is an especially great network of long-distance trails known as Senderos de Gran Recorrido. They are usually marked and have information boards along the way.

The Teide National Park is one of the most popular hiking spots on the island of Tenerife. A five-day walk from Arona to La Esperanza will take you through the park and its most valuable sights.​ In Gran Canaria, the Royal Paths or Caminos Reales, created by one of the Spanish kings, is being restored with the help of the local government. These paths connect old villages of the island and provide a lot of walki​ng opportunities.

On the island of El Hierro, the Camino de Jinama is rather short but rather steep stretching from Valverde to La Frontera along the cliffs through the green hills of the island.

On La Gomera, you can walk from coast to coast in two days along the GR131 route. You can also choose one more path around the island, which is 110 km long. Popular starting points for hiking include Valle Gran Rey in the south-west and Vallehermoso and Hermigua in the north of the island. Walking from the lighthouse at Fuencaliente to the Port of Tazacorte, on La Palma island, can be a great experience for a hiker as well. The interesting and varying landscape of Lanzarote island with their famous volcanic vineyards will certainly be something new for you.

During your long walks on Tenerife and La Palma, don't miss the nighttime beauty of clear skies so perfect for stargazing. During dusk go to the upper territories of La Palma and enjoy the f​antastic phenomenon called "the sea of clouds." Due to their ideal climates, all of the islands can be visited year-round, but with less rain and more temperate days, spring is considered the best time for hiking.

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What are the unique landscapes of the Canary Islands?

The Canary Islands boast of exceptional landscape diversity. The islands offer a range of trekking options that meander through deep green 'laurisilva' forests, white-sand beaches, and volcanic plains with Mars-like views. These landscapes are the result of the islands' volcanic past. Show more

Which are the best hiking spots on Tenerife?

One of the most admired trekking sites on Tenerife is the Teide National Park, which offers breathtaking panoramic views of volcanic craters and the island's magnificent landscape. You can hike through the park's best sites in five days. Also, the clear skies on Tenerife make it an attractive destination for night walks and stargazing. Show more

What are the restored Royal Paths in Gran Canaria?

With the help of the local government, Gran Canaria's Royal Paths, or Caminos Reales, built during Spain's colonial rule, are being renovated. These paths connect the old local villages of the island, offering a wide range of trekking opportunities through diverse landscapes. You can journey through historic and captivating trails and appreciate Gran Canaria's natural charm. Show more

Which is the popular walking route on La Gomera and the starting points for the same?

The GR131 Walking Route from coast to coast is a popular trail on La Gomera that can take you two days to complete. The 110 km route around the island also offers a vast range of walking opportunities. Popular starting points for hiking include Valle Gran Rey to the southwest, and Vallehermoso and Hermigua to the north of the island. Show more

What can be experienced during the dusk on La Palma island?

Venturing to La Palma's hilltops during dusk offers a spectacular experience of the 'sea of clouds' phenomenon. Overlooking this miraculous site while hiking from Fuencaliente Lighthouse to the Port of Tazacorte can be an exciting adventure. Moreover, exploring Lanzarote's intriguing landscapes with its exclusive volcanic vineyards is a fresh and striking experience. Show more

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