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Estonia's untouched nature welcomes everyone who loves hiking. Clearly marked trails, internet access, and mobile coverage makes hiking in Estonia both convenient and safe. You can even find nice camp sites and cottages for lodging. Estonia also has an adventurous hiking route that goes through the entire country with the total length of 375 km. This route is called RMK and is organised by the State Forest Management Centre. The trail passes through beautiful forests, the biggest bog in Europe, sandy beaches, 2 national parks, 9 nature reserves, and ends at the Estonian-Latvian boarder in Ikla. It has 6 big information boards, markings on trees, and other aids to lead you along the trail.

South-Estonia forest 2020
South-Estonia forest
Kõrgeperve 2020

You might also enjoy the Loona-Harilaiu Nature Trail, 20 km long, which is partially located on the territory of Vilsandi National Park. The Taevaskoda hiking trail is located in the Ahja River Landscape Reserve. The island of Saaremaa is one of the most naturally diverse places in Estonia and also popular among hikers.

Hiking in Estonia - Best Season 2020
Aidu Quarry 2020
Aidu Quarry

The Island of Naissaar is an island located in the Gulf of Tallinn. The island is mainly covered by forest and has been a nature park since 1995. There is a 12 km hiking trail with 11 lookouts for viewing the surroundings. You may hike in any season if you don't mind mud, flooding, or extreme cold; but the best period is from May to October, when the weather conditions are most pleasant. Remember that there is a rule for all hikers in Estonia to wear reflectors. So don't forget to attach one to your clothing and your backpack.

A hiking trail at Alatskivi 2020
A hiking trail at Alatskivi