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Diving in Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands have their own underwater wonders. The plentitude of sea flora and fauna is an amazing sight, with the cleanest waters around

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The Faroes can boast to have the cleanest waters in the world, but the water temperature, which ranges from 6 to 10 degrees in summer, makes them not so popular diving destination. Unfortunately, the visibility is the best in the cold and gloomy late autumn—early spring period, and the worst—when the waters get a little bit warmer - in the summer. Due to this, the diving experience you get outside the high season is one of the most amazing in the world. However, if you like the weather to be warm and cosy, you can still try diving in the summer while risking some plankton hindering the visibility. In any case, the weather tends to be a quite changeable all-year round, ​so it all mainly depends on your luck.

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When is the best period to go diving in the Faroe Islands and why?

You can expect the best diving in the Faroe Islands during late November to early Match, with clear visibility reaching 30-40 meters. Although the water is cold, it is worth it to experience some of the most beautiful diving sites in the world. The summer season is not ideal for diving, but you can still enjoy diving around the island with reduced visibility. Show more

What is the ideal way to protect oneself from the cold water while diving in the Faroe Islands?

In summer, the water around the Faroe Islands can range from 6 to 10 degrees Celsius, and the best way to protect oneself is by renting high-quality drysuits. It is not possible to dive there without protection, so make sure you are well equipped. However, the cold weather does not prevent people from enjoying fantastic diving sites that the Faroe Islands offer. Show more

What affects the visibility for diving, and when is the best period for maximum visibility?

The visibility for diving around the Faroe Islands depends upon the season, as an abundance of planktons affects the visibility. Late autumn to early spring (late November to early March) is the best period to enjoy maximum visibility due to the absence of plankton. Summer months can cause reduced visibility due to an increased amount of plankton, but people still enjoy the beauty of the long summer days and diverse water sports activities. Show more

What is the typical visibility range when diving in the Faroe Islands?

The visibility range for diving in the Faroe Islands varies throughout the year, with top visibility during November to March and 30-40 meters in favorable weather. In summers, the visibility range reduces due to a plankton abundance, which makes the water less clear. Despite this, visibility is still sufficient enough to witness the stunning underwater landscape year-round. Show more

What marine creatures can one expect to witness while diving in the Faroe Islands?

The marine life in the Faroe Islands consists of various fascinating creatures, including cod, wolf fish, anglerfish, sea urchins, and others. Diving in the beautiful underwater scenery of walls, caves, and pinnacles in the Faroe Islands is an extraordinary experience. With good fortune, one might even spot some cetaceans like harbor seals and orcas around the island. The Faroe Islands comprise clear, refreshing water and abundant marine species, making it an incredible destination for divers. Show more

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