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Flora of Sas-hegy

Meet the gentle flora of the Ice Age on top of one of the Buda's hills

Flora of Sas-hegy in Hungary 2020 - Best Time

This quiet natural reserve, inhabited with lizards, foxes, badgers, and birds, is located about 250 meters from Budapest on top of Sas-hill. Its name derives from the Hungarian "Sashegy" meaning "eagle hill," but despite the 17th-century legend about eagles this protected area is famous because of its flora which has remained here since the Ice Age. The best timing to enjoy the nature of Sashegy and to take some wonderful pictures of Budapest is mid- to late spring ​when tiny flowers create blooming carpets ​on the stony ground. You can either organise a picnic or take a walk along the 2,350 m long circular trail, following informational displays.

Flora of Sas-hegy in Hungary - Best Season 2020
Best time for Flora of Sas-hegy in Hungary 2020

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