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Flora of Sas-hegy in Hungary 2025

Meet the gentle flora of the Ice Age on top of one of the Buda's hills

Best time: April–May

Flora of Sas-hegy
Flora of Sas-hegy
Flora of Sas-hegy

This quiet natural reserve, inhabited with lizards, foxes, badgers, and birds, is located about 250 meters from Budapest on top of Sas-hill. Its name derives from the Hungarian "Sashegy" meaning "eagle hill," but despite the 17th-century legend about eagles this protected area is famous because of its flora which has remained here since the Ice Age.

The best timing to enjoy the nature of Sashegy and to take some wonderful pictures of Budapest is mid- to late spring ​when tiny flowers create blooming carpets ​on the stony ground. You can either organise a picnic or take a walk along the 2,350 m long circular trail, following informational displays.

Practical info

What is the best time to visit Sas-hegy natural reserve?

Sas-hegy natural reserve boasts a carpet of tiny flowers during mid-to-late spring, making it the most suitable time to visit. It presents visitors with a breathtaking view and a chance to take fantastic pictures of Budapest. To enjoy the reserve's flora's full bloom, visitors should plan their visits around this period to get the best of Sas-hegy's charming scenery. Show more

Where is Sas-hegy located?

Sas-hegy natural reserve finds its home atop Sas-hill, just 250 meters away from Budapest. It is more than its name implies, as it houses an immense collection of wildlife such as lizards, foxes, badgers, and various bird species. Visitors who hope to unwind amidst the city's hustle and bustle will find Sas-hegy reserve precisely what they need. Show more

What kind of wildlife can be found at the reserve?

Visitors to Sas-hegy natural reserve also get a chance to experience nature's unique animals such as lizards, foxes, badgers, and different bird species. Wildlife enthusiasts will find Sas-hegy reserve their perfect destination, as there's much to see and explore within the reserve's landscape. Walking around Sas-hegy provides visitors with exciting wildlife sightings and a breathtaking view of the surroundings. Show more

When does the flora of Sas-hegy start to bloom?

Sas-hegy natural reserve starts to bloom with countless tiny flowers from mid-to-late spring until the end of May. Coming after or before this period may still present visitors with lush greenery, but not the blossoming flowers that typify Sas-hegy's exotic scenery. The sight of blooming flowers during the spring will take every visitor's breath away, leaving a lasting impression. Show more

What activities can visitors do besides walking along the circular trail?

Besides walking the 2,350m long circular trail at Sas-hegy natural reserve, visitors may engage in bird watching, organise picnics and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, or take pictures of Budapest's stunning view. Sas-hegy serves as a photographer's paradise with its breathtaking scenery, and the reserve's tranquil environment makes it an ideal location to unwind and escape from the city's busy life. Show more

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