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You can cross the island in 24 hours, but you won't cover all of the hiking trails in a year!


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All of Mauritius is covered with hiking trails which lead to the incredible sights hiding in each and every corner. Though each hiking trail will bring you somewhere beautiful, there are some which will leave you with absolutely unforgettable memories.

Check out a 360-degree view of the entire northwestern part of the island, including Port Louis where you climb up Le Pouce. Also, its 812-meter summit was conquered by Charles Darwin in 1836!

All the diversity of Mauritian flora and fauna can be seen while hiking through the Black River Gorges National park. Here you can come across rare birds and plants, wade into the heart of the forest, climb up to the sightseeing fields, or swim in the refreshing river.

The best way to the incredible Tamarind Falls is to hike there. Walk down the canyon and discover each of seven waterfalls one by one, swim in the clear blue waters, and adore the dense forest.

The best time to hike is from April until the end of October, during the dry and sunny season.

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